When will Bangladesh, like India or Pakistan, be listed as a nuclear power?

hose who know the whole story by reading the headlines, believe the facts before the eyes but do not try to know or analyze what is behind them, stay 100 yards away from matured and informative things, belief in principles, sit in tea shops and research politics as a group. This is not my writing for analysts like Kora Mitra, who is an analyst and has graduated in military science from the University of Free Fire or PUBG. I am publishing this answer for two or four stupid human children like me.

Bangladesh has already been named as the 34th nuclear power in the world. We might have achieved this in 1984, if not for the Karachi Dam.

Although we are the 34th member of the Atomic Club, we will soon move to No. 20 in terms of production capacity.

Basically, nuclear power can be used in two ways. In a peaceful way and in the work of making two weapons. Among them, Bangladesh is peacefully using this power.

There is no need or time for Bangladesh to make weapons using Bangladesh’s nuclear power like India or Pakistan.

You can read the whole article if the questioner points to nuclear weapons by question. Because most refer to a country rich in nuclear bombs as a nuclear power.

Before knowing about this, we need to know why different countries are so interested in nuclear weapons. This is a complex, variable and far-reaching process. David Krieger, emirate chairman of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, thinks there are four policies that work to get people interested in nuclear weapons.

1. Fear

2. Security

3. To increase the importance of one’s own country and to counter other countries

4. Respect

Apart from this, North Korea has established itself as a nuclear state by following the fifth and another policy. North Korea has continued its nuclear program to protect itself and to benefit from economic bargaining.

Now the question is, there are many countries outside the nuclear state that are economically capable of managing one or two projects. Like Bangladesh, this country in South Asia is undoubtedly a promising and geographically important country. Bangladesh may be able to build short-range ballistic missiles with intercontinental ballistic missiles, but not nuclear warheads. But nowadays it will work with short or medium range missiles ?? Where everyone is using intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Why other countries are not paying attention to the development of nuclear weapons

1. Technical shortages. This is the only reason why 44 countries have backed away from nuclear projects.

2. Security Alliance. Many countries are lagging behind as they are not part of any specific alliance. For example, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO member states provide security to each other.

3. Non-Proliferation Treaty. I.e. NPT through which nuclear weapons control and disarmament activities are conducted. The non-nuclear state members of this organization are contracted to make no weapons.

4. Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone (NWFZ) Agreement. Most of the countries covered by the treaty are in the Southern Hemisphere. The treaty is still in effect in Antarctica, Latin America and the Caribbean, the South Pacific, South Africa and Southeast Asia.

5. Thinking of negative consequences. Many countries think that starting a nuclear weapons project will weaken their economy, shut down development projects, cause disintegration in their friendly countries or alliances, and become a target for other nuclear-armed countries.

. National image. Many countries are in favor of a world free of nuclear weapons in order to be free from their national image and infighting.

Let me try to explain why Bangladesh is not building or buying nuclear weapons

1. Bangladesh signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty or NPT on 31 August and 26 September 1979 . Apart from this, Bangladesh signed the “Nuclear Disarmament Treaty” at the 72nd General Assembly of the United Nations. Because Bangladesh thinks that nuclear weapons can never provide security.

2. Needless to say, we are lagging behind in terms of technology and skilled manpower.

3. Economically we are in a balanced position. At the moment our such projects will have a detrimental effect on the economy.

4. The situation is not yet ready for Bangladesh to build a nuclear weapon on the pretext of security. Because we like to resist attacks and our foreign policy is “friendship for all, not enmity for anyone”. After independence, we went to war with another country in 2000. Our war with Southeast Asian countries and our neighbor Myanmar was a conventional warfare. And nuclear weapons are constantly changing conventional warfare. Outside of that, half of the security threats we face are resolved diplomatically. The rest is resolved in a confidential manner. Our security excuses for that will not work.

5. Many people think that the foreign policy of Bangladesh is not good. In particular, 80 percent of the authors of Facebook’s various defense groups think so. Sadly, most of these writers believe what they see, they don’t even know what happens behind the scenes and they don’t analyze it. So even if their idea is partially true, it cannot be called bad foreign policy. Not all problems are solved quickly through diplomatic activities. Since the foreign policy of the offensive nations is very effective, many people consider their policy as a strong policy. But when these countries go to solve a problem, they often create other problems. All the incidents that took place with Myanmar after the Naf war in 2000 have been resolved through diplomatic protocol. But why the Rohingya solution is not happening yet, I have to go back to world politics.

. Since we have no enemy country, we do not have to be in a state of battle readiness. Although Myanmar seems to be our enemy, it lags far behind in Conventional Warfare, Strategic Warfare, Cyber ​​Warfare, Intel Warfare. Although their battle readiness is great. Life-killing records are higher than ours with their live ammunition to stop their quarrels year after year. In that case, there is no need for nuclear weapons targeting Myanmar.

. Geographical Location Karen We have the most advantage in international geopolitics. Because no country around us is an enemy and they will be in danger if they launch a nuclear attack on us. India is our friend. India’s dispute with Pakistan is ongoing. The same is going on with China and Nepal. Bangladesh is the only one to give support. America will not support any country outside NATO. Because America will look for their interests here too. Friends in international politics are the ones who can benefit.

Bangladesh is in a position to wage war with India, China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia and win the war with collateral damage, only if the logistics and economy stand. Therefore, no country will attack us even if we have to enjoy this advantage.

You can read Alfred John McInder’s heartland theory or heartland theory. In 1904, the Royal Geographic Society published his theory in the form of an article entitled The Geographical Pivot of History.

If you read this article, you will understand why everyone is so desperate to occupy the center? If you analyze and deal with it, you will also find its relationship with Bangladesh. Many have mentioned Gazwatul Hind with the war that started with the occupation of this center. Although there is considerable religious and political controversy over Gazwatul Hind.

. Ethnically we are pretty cute. We can start a cute argument by pushing the bike with the rickshaw and creating a beard jam in the middle of the road. In the same way, if the government takes any action and I don’t like it, I start protesting. If the government does not do the same thing again, why don’t we complain. This is why we are now asking why we do not have nuclear weapons, then the question is what do we need? Who is our enemy? New tricks of killing people’s money and so on.

I have seen in this Korat writing about the launch of the satellite “Satellite Sheikh Hasina’s hobby kite”. We also questioned the government as to why the submarine, but when we did not have a submarine, we questioned the government.

9. As I have said in several of the above places, the question of countering a major security threat or a country where we have no rivals in the practical sense is a long way off. As far as the threat is concerned, everything is being tackled differently and of course it is highly confidential.

10. The two major alliances were formed after World War II. The United States and the Soviet Union. Russia came after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Yet many blocs of these two alliances are constantly adding new feathers of thought to world politics. Since we need an alliance to be a nuclear-armed country, which alliance will we form there ?? We have good relations with Russia. India’s relations with Russia are also good and India’s relations with Bangladesh. On the other hand, America’s relations with Pakistan are very good and its relations with China are very good.

Relations between India and Russia have been strained at various times due to Pakistan. There is a situation when India is in a dilemma. Who will take? Russia or America. If Bangladesh builds a nuclear weapon, there is no doubt that there will be a massive addition and subtraction in the region and world geopolitics. Although it can be assumed that Bangladesh will be with Russia. The parallel nature of Bangladesh’s relations with Russia in the next few decades is a political analysis. But the trouble will be elsewhere. China may want Bangladesh, Russia, China to unite. For strategic reasons, China may also try to ally Pakistan. Bangladesh may not agree to this. Russia, on the other hand, If India and Bangladesh unite, Bangladesh’s relations with China will deteriorate at the same time. Again, for the sake of security, Bangladesh will not be able to be alone. If one or the other does not join the alliance, this could become a significant security threat and a target for other nuclear states.

The geopolitics of this region of South Asia is very turbulent. It messes up very easily. Much like James’s “Who’s Who, Who’s Who, Who’s Mine” line.

Considering all these aspects, it would be foolish for me to take such a decision for Bangladesh until the politics of the region is stable. However, defense analysts will pre-assess these, if there is any such possibility.

Satellites from other countries take pictures with the same secrecy as a missile or a missile can be secretly made.

Each nuclear missile silo and its surrounding cantonment area is under another ICBM of the enemy country.

Who wants to be under the atomic bomb?

Why exaggerate this nuclear warhead or power to show unnecessary people? We’ve always said,

The grass on either side of the river is not green, the grass on the other side is probably very green.

This does not mean that the ability to declare a bomb must be demonstrated

India and its nuclear missile project tried to hide from everyone. Even a strong leader like Indira Gandhi has had to face pressure from America and Pakistan.

Where! He did not let Pakistan know until the moment before the test. America could not do anything knowingly at the last moment.

Need is the father of all innovative abilities.

If necessary, maybe we will make our own.


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