PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) destroy the young generation!

One of the most popular video games today is Player Unknown Battle Grounds or PUBG, better known as PUBG. At least 30 million people worldwide play this game every day. The game is equally popular with people of all ages. In addition to the popularity, there are allegations against PUBG that there is violence among the players while playing the game. According to many, PUBG is promoting cyber bullying. Experts believe that the excessive violence of the game can make the gamer aggressive.

The PUBG game revolves around multiple abandoned cities. There are different types of firearms scattered all over the city including roads, ghats and houses. At the beginning of the game, 100 players were taken on a plane to any city. A plane jumps over the city and lands by parachute. Upon landing on the island, the main task is to collect weapons from the abandoned infrastructure. And finding tools to survive. Then every player starts looking for each other to kill. In the end the player who survives wins the game.

Video game players around the world have long wanted to play the Battle Royale game. ‘Battle Royale’ is a type of game where there will be several players in a certain area and each of them will aim to find and kill each other. Thus the one who will survive in the end will be the winner. The first example of a Battle Royale genre is the in the year of 2000 Japanese movie Batoru Boaiyaru or Battle Royale. The movie is based on a book published under this name.

History of PUBG

The story is that 42 Japanese students were released on an island. And they are forced to kill each other as long as there is only one survivor. Then in 2012, The Hunger, a film with a similar story, was released in Hollywood. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. But until then there was no such full-fledged game. At that time a person was fully prepared to make such a complete game. He is Brandon Green. His pseudonym is Player Annoon.

The Irish web designer Arma and Jeji fell in love with the game. Arma is a very realistic military shelling game. The game is very popular due to its perfect and lively graphics.

That’s why in a few days, several modified versions of these games came out. But the most popular is the Battle Royal Mod version of the JG game made by Brandon Green. Then Sony Online Entertainment introduced a new game called King of the Kill. He then hired Brandon Green for the game.

Then in 2016, South Korean video game maker Bluehole made a big offer to Brandon. Brandon responded to his offer. The Korean game Chang Han Kim and his team created the much-anticipated full-fledged Battle Royale game. It is named Player Unknown Battle Grounds. PUBG. Which later became popularly known as PUBG.

PUBG is most sells Game in the world

When PUBG came on the market in March 2016, it was not the second such game in the market. This game has a lot of excitement and action with great graphics. One of the attractions of the game is its virtual world. The venue of the game has been arranged in the form of various types of man-made infrastructure starting from hills, rivers, open fields. This much desired game comes to the market for only 20 dollars. The game grossed 11 million in its first three days of release. From the first week, the number of players has been increasing exponentially. The game sold about 1 million copies in its first month. In the next two months, it crossed 4 million.

Towards the end of 2016, it became the most popular game, surpassing the long-running popular game ‘League of Legends’. Then Chinese game maker Tencent created a mobile version of Battleground. Since then, the game has been constantly surpassing its own popularity. So far, PUBG has topped the list of best-selling games of all time with over 200 million downloads across all platforms.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Battle Grounds as well as its popularity. Children are extremely vulnerable to these online games. Many parents complain that they are noticing the aggressive behavior of children after playing this game. Addicted children do not want to focus on anything other than playing this game. Then one of their goals is to win this game. Besides, they can’t think of anything.

PUBG side effect

According to experts, starting this game is not only for children but also for adults. It’s like a drug for some people. Many have demanded that the game be banned because of its addictive gameplay.

Gururat in India was the first to demand a ban on the game. Gujarat police have arrested 10 college students for playing PUBG. There have also been suicides in India centered on the PUBG game. One father did not allow his son to play PUBG and the boy chose the path of suicide.

In the Indian state of Telangana, another young man died of a neck pain after playing PUBG for 45 consecutive days. Two people were killed when a train hit them while they were going to play a game on the railway line. There have even been cases of divorcing his wife over the game of PUBG.

The Philippine government has announced that it will fire government officials if they see them playing PUBG. The game was also banned in Nepal because of the violent content of the game. PUBG was banned earlier in China on the same charges.

Experts claim that the attack on a New Zealand mosque was the result of a game-inspired murder. PUBG fans, on the other hand, say the game helps them cut through the frustrations of daily life. Some people have demanded that if PUBG is banned, then violent videos on television news, starting from violent scenes shown in movies, should also be banned.