Short review of the movie

Guns Akimbo (2019) Short review of the movie

Country – USA
Language – English
IMDb – 6.3
Genre – Action, Comedy

Comedy Action Style Movie Guns Akimbo starring Daniel Radcliffe. I enjoyed watching the movie full of fast, humorous, pompous action. Movies to watch as timepass.
Personal Rating 7/10


Les Miserable (2019) Short review of the movie

Country – France
Language – French
IMDb – 7.6
Genre – Crime, Drama, Thriller

The movie represented France at this year’s Oscars. Although I think A Portrait Of A Lady On Fire should have been sent to the Oscars instead of this movie.
The main character of the movie is three cops and the background is a mixed area of ​​France. These events in France have been closely watched.
Personal Rating 7.6 / 10


Invisible Life (2019) Short review of the movie

Country – Brazil
Language – Portuguese
IMDb – 7.9
Genere – Melodrama, Tragedy

This year the movie was sent to the Oscars from Brazil. Background of 1951. The two sisters were living happily in peace with their parents. One sister runs away in love with her boyfriend, the other sister gets married. Since then, the lives of the two sisters have changed dramatically. In this movie of melodrama and tragedy genre, it seemed possible to arouse more sympathy for the two sisters. More powerful drama. Like it.
Personal Rating – 7.8 / 10


Tebernacle 101 (2019) Short review of the movie

Country – Australia
Language – English
IMDb – 5.9
Genre – Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Atheist VS Atheist, Science VS Religion Concept looked quite interesting when the movie started. But in the middle of the movie, it was very annoying. Spoiled a good concept. Half of this movie with a tick-like effect is half as good.
Personal Raging – 6/10


Better Days (2019) Short review of the movie

Country – China
Language – Mandarin
IMDb – 7.6
Genre – Melodrama

Melodrama Chinese movie with anti school ragging, bullying can be recommended. Get romance as a bonus. I like it.
Personal Rating – 7.5 / 10


And Then We Danced (2019) Short review of the movie

Country – Georgia
Language – Georgian
IMDb – 7.9
Genre – Coming Of Age

Making such a taboo breaking movie on Georgia in a religious country is a very adventurous thing. I didn’t like it very much. Like the typical homosexual movie. Seen because of interest in dance. But yes, the making of the movie is quite beautiful.
Personal Rating – 7/10


Beasts That Cling To The Straw (2020) Short review of the movie

Country – South Korea
Language – Korean
IMDb – 7.1
Genre – Crime, Thriller

The movie is very good and enjoyable for crime thriller lovers. Combining a money bag and a few related events into a non-linear design was quite enjoyable. However, the South Korean smooth screenplay seemed a bit slow.
Personal Rating – 7.2 / 10


Anjaam Pathiraa (2020) Short review of the movie

Country – India
Language – Malayalam
IMDb – 8.1
Genre – Crime, Thriller

I found the movie very backdated. This means that the story of a one-hour episode of Beware India or Crime Patrol can be made into two and a half hours long by making a lot more details. The same type of murder but not every murder has taken so much time in the movie. The movie could have been made in two hours. Even the twist twists shown in the climax were all predictable from the very beginning of the movie.
Personal Raging – 6/10