The Mystery of Illuminati

The Illuminati is one of the most talked about secret organizations in the world. From Michael Jackson to Angelina Jolie, from Bill Gates to Barack Obama, many of the most influential and popular people in the world are thought to be members of the Illuminati.

In 1776  The Illuminati’s journey began in the German state of Bavaria. Adam Weschupt, a German university teacher, started the journey of this secret society in 18. The purpose of establishing the Illuminati was to remove prejudices from society and reduce religious and state influence in public life. University teacher Adam first started the organization with four of his students.

the minerval insignia as a symbol of the Illuminati

They chose the Minerva patch as a symbol of the Illuminati. Minerva is the goddess of Roman mythology. The identities of the members of the Illuminati were kept secret. Adam got everyone’s pseudonyms and now he has his own pseudonym Spartacus. At the time, membership of the Illuminati was forbidden for members of Jewish pagans, women, or any other secret organization.

In Read This Bangla : গোপন সংগঠন ইলুমিনিটির রহস্য

In 1784, the Illuminati numbered 750 members. Adam naturally wanted to keep this secret association a secret. But as the membership grew, so did the Illuminati. In 1785, Bavarian ruler Charles Theodore banned all secret organizations. Adam then fled to France and many secret documents of the Illuminati were seized.
Later, in 1896, John Robison published a book, Proves of Conspiracy. In this book, he claims that the Illuminati had a strong influence behind the French Revolution.

Many organizations now claim to be the Illuminati. They do not borrow any kind of privacy. Even on their official website, Pesbu promotes Illuminati through various social media including Twitter. And regularly advertises for member recruitment. There is no end to the controversy over whether he has anything to do with the Bavarian Illuminati.

In Read This Bangla : গোপন সংগঠন ইলুমিনিটির রহস্য