The WHO Director-General responded to Western reporters: China did not in the past and has not asked us to praise it. This is the fact

We don’t need to please anyone. Publicly appreciating the good practices of some countries has two purposes. One is to encourage these countries to continue to adhere to the correct policies, and the other is to encourage other countries to learn from and learn from this practice.

  –Tendezser, WHO Director-General

Since the outbreak of the New Crown epidemic, China has taken decisive and effective measures in a timely manner. After hard work, the prevention and control work has achieved positive results, which has been fully affirmed and highly praised by international organizations such as the World Health Organization and many countries. However, there are also individual countries that have used questions and overreacted.

  Some media ignored the Chinese government’s tremendous efforts to fight the epidemic and the concerted efforts of the international community to render threats, create panic, and even reverse black and white and unprovoked attacks on China. The “vignette” at this press conference was part of the western media’s emotional response. This forum is a scientific conference where scientists from all countries and related industries gather wisdom and discuss countermeasures. Before the forum, Tan Desai emphasized that politicizing science is not helpful, and that disease is our common enemy.

Tan Desai responded to the reporter with facts. “China isolated the virus at a record rate, sequenced it, and immediately shared it with WHO. This will help other countries develop virus testing tools and find infected people. This means China is helping other countries Epidemic prevention. Without testing tools, infected cases may be ignored and the epidemic spread. “

  Tan Desai once again talked about the close cooperation between Chinese and German health authorities to quickly identify and isolate people infected with E.coli in Germany. He believes that China’s open, transparent and responsible measures have enabled Germany to “immediately take action to stop the virus from spreading further and help Germany control the epidemic.”

  Tan Tesesai’s answer is very straightforward. Just in this hall, at the 146th session of the World Health Organization’s Executive Committee, almost every member praised China. China has adopted large-scale measures to respond to the epidemic, including Wuhan ’s “capped city” to prevent the epidemic from spreading to other provinces, cities, and other countries. There are certain costs to taking action in a city as large as Wuhan, including economic costs. We appreciate China ’s action, and a British representative said, “This is a heroic move because we are safer as a result.”

  ”Thanks to pressure, we can’t hide the facts. Tan Desai admits,” I know there is a lot of pressure when WHO praises China’s move, but because of pressure, we can’t hide the facts. China did not in the past and does not ask us to praise now. This is the fact, the whole fact. We all share the same view, because China’s solid approach should be praised. “

  Tan Desai said that we do not need to please anyone, and publicly appreciate the good practices of some countries for two purposes. One is to encourage these countries to continue to adhere to the correct policies, and the other is to encourage other countries to learn from and learn from this practice.

  Tan Desai reiterated that many powerful actions and measures in China have slowed down the spread of the epidemic and provided a valuable window for the world. “There are more than 40,000 cases in China, but there are only more than 400 cases and 1 death outside China. The truth is self-evident, we let the facts speak and the world can judge.”

  Tan Desai said, I know China has shortcomings, and China says so. We will remind them to learn lessons and avoid the same mistakes, but now it is important not to demonize or attack a country, but to show unity and deal with our common enemy, New Crown Pneumonia and New Crown Virus. “Unity! Unity! Unity! Don’t panic, don’t be afraid, do the right thing, that’s my appeal.”