Top 10 Best Beaches In Sydney

Whether you arrived in Australia with your tourist visa, Working Holiday visa or student visa , we are going to tell you what are the 10 best Sydney beaches you can visit!


Now, let’s go with the top 10 of the beaches:

1. Bondi Beach

It is characterized by being one of the beaches of the surfers. It is only 15 minutes from the city center. It also has the presence of award-winning restaurants with excellent views to enjoy while eating.

2. Manly Beach

It is one of the largest beaches in Sydney located in the northern part of the bay. Like the Bondi, it is full of surfers and color: the Australian Open Surf Championship is celebrated.

3. Palm Beach

It is the beach that is farthest from the center of Sydney but it is the only one that has the ocean on both sides. What they can’t stop doing is climbing the lighthouse and appreciating the beautiful view they have from there.

4. Shelly Beach

It is located in the Manly area and you can swim and dive! It is quite calm and the marine biodiversity that can be seen without going so deep makes it a fantastic location for snorkeling.

5. Bronte Beach

It is located halfway along the sack walk between Bondi and Coogee beaches. It is known to go with friends to enjoy a delicious barbecue. It has a public pool and the water is usually very calm. If you like surfing it is not for that

6. Clovelly Beach

This beach is ideal if you want to snorkel! The water is transparent and you can enjoy all the flora and fauna of the sea. In addition there is a saltwater pool that is located on the south side of the beach.

7. Little Bay

Like Clovelly Beach, you can snorkel, but what you have to keep in mind is that it has no bars or food stalls. So if you want to spend the day, you will have to take everything!

8. Maroubra Bay

It is the beach that surfers choose a lot, because there is never anyone and it is also a bit far from the city center. But if you do not like the sea to have so many waves, if you walk a little on it, you will find natural swimming pools for calm swimming.

9. Coogee Beach

It is a beach a little smaller than the Bondi, ideal for those who enjoy the calm sea and a perfect environment to take the whole family.

10. Watson Bay

She is known for going to see the sunsets sitting on the beach watching the sea. The best way is to arrive by public transport.

We hope you liked our top 10 of the beaches you have to get to know in Sydney! If you want to add something else you can do it by leaving us a comment!