What To Do In Sydney? The Places You Have To Visit

Sydney is the city with the most inhabitants of Australia, although it is not its capital (many are confused) and as every big city has many attractions to know and visit!

We are going to list the tourist places that you cannot miss if you are visiting at any time and you ask yourself. What to do in Sydney?

Tourist places that you can not miss!

1. Opera House

When we talk about what to do in Sydney, the first thing that comes to mind and obviously when you see the image you already know what it is! Everyone (or the vast majority) who went through Sydney with either type of visa, has a photo with the Opera in the background! The Opera House (as it would be the Spanish translation) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a performing arts center with impressive architecture and that is why it tops our list.

It is located in the city’s port, more precisely in Bennelong Point. If you want to know all their shows, ticket costs and more, you can click here .

2. Bay Bridge

It is also known by the name Sydney Harbor Bridge, it is a bridge separating and linking the central business district of Sydney and North Shore. They can cross it by bike, walking, bus or car.

The particularity of this bridge is that, as you can see in the photo, it has an arch of 134 meters from its highest part to the water level.

3. Sydney Tower

This is another tourist attraction that you can visit in the city of Sydney. In the 2nd highest observation tower in the southern hemisphere, you will find two restaurants: the Sydney Tower Restaurant and the Sydney Tower 360 Bar and Dining revolving.

It also has high-speed elevators that make 40 ″ reach the top or you can climb the 1054 steps to its highest point, you choose 

4. Darling Harbor

It is an area that is only 10 minutes from the center of Sydney and is characterized by being a neighborhood that has restaurants, shops and shows that can be enjoyed according to the day and time they go. It is something you cannot miss now that you know what to do in Sydney during your visit.

You can enter their official website to know what are the things to do!

5. Queen Victoria Building

We believe that the Queen Victoria building is one of the tourist attractions that can not fail to know but everything will depend if you are interested in seeing a building built in the time of the romantic renaissance.

The building occupies a block that connects Druitt, Market Street, York Street and George Street and currently has commercial stores. On the official page of the Queen Victoria Building you can see what their schedules are, what there is at the moment and the cost of each thing!

What else can be done in this city?

Another of the things that this city has, are the beaches! It is incredible that, in just 5 minutes from downtown, you can go to rest and bathe in the beautiful celestial waters that Sydney offers!

To know the best beaches, we made the Top 10 Best Beaches In Sydney so that you know in detail which are the most recommended.

This was our guide of what to do in Sydney and do not forget that if you still do not know how to travel and know this wonderful city you have the master guide of Australia with all the info you need to achieve it.