Where To Buy Technology In Japan?

In this article we are going to tell you what are the  main options to buy technology in Japan , specifically if they are in Tokyo. And we all know that this is the country known for its electronic and technological life . And best of all, it is more accessible than in other places!

Main technology houses in Japan

Before naming them the best known houses, we will tell you that it is in the Akihabara neighborhood where you will find the best offers . This neighborhood is located next to the Akihabara station (Yamanote JR line) and in addition to being the area characterized by technology , you can also find stores dedicated to anime, manga, collectibles and games.

Another neighborhood similar to the one mentioned above, is Ikebukuro but we are going to focus on Akihabara and its technological premises:

1. Tokyu Hands

This place is characterized by offering the best deals in regards to cell phones and accessories. You will find everything on the Tokyu Hands website and it is a chain of department stores with several years of experience with several locations throughout Japan.

2. Yamada-Denki LABI

This place is almost attached to the Yamanote line in Akihabara. You can find everything you need for your notebooks, hard drives and more. We leave their website to know their products and location.

3. Yodobashi Akiba

We dare to say, that it is one of the biggest premises! It has about 8 floors, in each of them, they have the specialty of each technology: televisions, notebooks, cameras and more! They highly recommend it for all photography items. On their website you can find all their products, schedules and more by clicking here .

Kakaku: online price comparison

This is not a place but we found it important to highlight it and place it in the article. Kakaku is a price comparison website according to the product you want to buy. It gives you the different prices in the different physical stores and also has online shopping offers. We leave their website: www.kakaku.com