Cost Of Living In Portugal: Accommodation, Food, Transportation And More!

What do we refer to when we talk about cost of living? Everything related to food, accommodation, public transport and everything that involves spending such as exits or telephone lines.

We create this article so that you do not despair, you can assemble your quiet bags and make accounts in advance. Then you will have the estimated costs of the items you will spend once you arrive in the country and at the end of the article, we will make some calculations so you can observe the savings capacity you can have once you get work.

Accommodation cost in Portugal

he single rooms in shared apartments in Lisbon and in the south (in season), range from EUR 250 (USD276) to EUR 400 (USD441) per month with taxes included . If you want to rent an apartment for yourself, they are around EUR 700 (USD772) or a little more, the area obviously depends.

What you have to keep in mind is that in the most tourist cities, good locations will be expensive and will not be the same if you rent in the middle of the season or if you arrive earlier. 

Public Transportation Cost

You can opt for buses or the train, although the latter option is a bit more expensive but faster.

In order to get on any means of transport, you need to buy the Viva Viagem card . You can get it at any terminal or kiosk for EUR 0.5 (USD0.55) . Tours usually cost EUR 1.50 (USD1.65) depending on where they are going but it is the average amount per trip.

Another option is to pay a monthly payment, in that case you can buy a plastic card that only costs EUR 10 (USD11) and can charge the plan for EUR 30 (USD40) , you can get on any means of transport in Lisbon Or another option is to pay the EUR 40 plan (USD44) that serves them for the 18 districts that make up the metropolitan area of ​​the city.

And the bicycle?

An option to move within the city, are the bikes. Not only that it is an economic option but it is a way of exercising.

If you want to buy a new bike, you can get it for EUR 100 (USD110) so if you buy an already used one, it is cheaper.

Food cost

When it comes to food within the cost of living in Portugal we are going to talk about purchases in the supermarket , it is more than clear that if you share this expense, the cost will be lower than if you buy for yourself. But to give you an idea, you can spend EUR 100 (USD110) per month on food.

We are going to give you a price list of the elements that we consider that you would have to consider when thinking about food:

  • National beer (0.5 liters): EUR 0.91 (USD1.00)
  • Water (1.5 liters) EUR 0.55 (USD0.61)
  • Onion (1kg): EUR 0.93 (USD1.03)
  • Lettuce (1 unit): EUR 0.86 (USD0.95)
  • Tomato (1kg): EUR 1.38 (USD1.52)
  • Eggs (the dozen): EUR 1.70 (USD1.87)
  • Apple (1kg): EUR 1.56 (USD1.72)
  • Banana (1kg): EUR 1.11 (USD1.22)
  • Meat (1kg): EUR 9.70 (USD10.69)
  • Chicken (1kg): EUR 5.40 (USD5.95)
  • Rice (1kg): EUR 0.88 (USD0.97)
  • Milk (one liter): EUR 0.63 (USD0.69)

Extra expenses

With extra expenses, we mean exits, telephones, gym and everything that you consider “extra”.

When it comes to departures, Portugal is cheap, a “pint (beer)” in a bar can cost EUR 2 (USD2) . An entrance to the bowling costs around EUR 14 (USD15) .

There are several telephone companies but most of them prefer Vodafone, a monthly plan that includes unlimited calls and internet costs approx . EUR 20 (USD2) .

Also if you want to go to a gym , the month costs EUR 33.40 (USD36.82) approx, the entrance to the cinema leaves EUR 6.70 (USD7.39).

So if we take into account, departures, telephone and some other activity, we can calculate about EUR 80 (USD88) in extra expenses . It is more than clear that this category will vary in amount according to your lifestyle

How much can you earn by working?

When talking about an average salary in Portugal , everything will depend on the type of work and the amount of hours worked . But to give you an idea, if they work around forty hours a week, the salary is around EUR 750 (USD827) per month .

Obviously, this number is an estimate and according to the type of work you get you can earn a little more or a little less. Surely if you work as a waiter, in addition to their salary, you have tips and therefore, it will be an extra sum.

Total monthly savings

  • Accommodation: EUR 250 (USD 276).
  • Transportation: EUR 36 (USD 40).
  • Food: EUR 100 (USD 110).
  •  Extras: EUR 50 (USD 55).

Total Expenses: EUR 436 (USD 481)

Minimum Salary (in hand): EUR 750 (USD 827)

Total monthly savings: EUR 750 (USD 827) – EUR 436 (USD 481)

Total monthly savings: EUR 314 (USD 346)

Finally, keep in mind that these last calculations are estimates , everything will depend on where you get rent, what type of work you get and how your lifestyle will be with your Working Holiday visa.

Well, we hope that all this information about the cost of living in Portugal will help you prepare for your time in this beautiful country and at the same time have an idea of ​​how much you can earn and save to continue traveling!

As always, if you want to add a comment or suggestion, you can do so at the end of the article.