Safety on Vacation Abroad: Travelers Must know

Safety is the most important issue you keep on your mind while travelling abroad. There are few safely issues you need to think twice about and these are mentioned below,

Casual meeting on vacation

Acquaintance with compatriots

Of course you have to be friendly to your brothers in your passport away from your native birches and Christmas trees. But try in such fraternities (usually accompanied by strong alcohol) not to spread about your financial situation, the amount of money, equipment taken for rest and other information that is unnecessary for casual ears.

Do not leave “under the watch” random, but with a willingness to help the eye, your bags with documents, phones, laptops and of course with money.

If you invite someone to your room “for a glass”, try not to catch purses, money, equipment, or the eyes of random guests. Just put it all in your desk drawer or closet.

Sunbathing on the beach, do not leave the key to the room or rent a car to a random Russian-speaking neighbor. Especially if he himself is persistently making contact. I’d better leave it to the local resident at the time of execution (to the bartender, the lessor of the sunbeds) for a small fee.

Meet the locals

Here you need to be even more vigilant. Especially if you invite someone from the locals to your room.

Firstly, make sure that the hotel staff has written down the data of F or M, which you invite to your place – this is a common hotel practice of guests’ safety. If your guest is not asked to present an ID at the entrance, then no one is responsible for your safety, and this is already a minus to your hotel.

When meeting with locals, the same precautionary rules apply as with compatriots. True, to a lesser extent, information on tax evasion issued by a local stranger in your company may damage you. Information about your money with you will be more harmful.

Some rules of conduct in the city

In almost all the capitals of Latin American countries, the City is considered the most criminogenic area in the dark – the location of offices. In the evening they are deserted and there is a very high probability during a walk to run into a gop-stop.

The second most dangerous are the sleeping areas of the poor. In Brazil, these areas are called favelas. Evening excursions in them are not only not interesting (and they really are not at all interesting), but also dangerous.

If you are not dressed like that and do not know the local order, you may have trouble with the local punks.

Also in the evening, beaches and promenades become dangerous. For some reason, Thailand is very fond of robbing tourists on the beaches. Therefore, try to avoid the desert beaches late at night.

The most criminogenic places

During the day, the most criminogenic places are crowded places: train stations, markets, subways. In shopping centers, as a rule, a video surveillance system is installed, but this is not a reason to lose vigilance and click with your beak.

In such places, try to avoid contact with people and stampede, possibly artificially created. If you are in a crush, then watch the pockets and contents in them.

It’s good if your pockets fasten. If you have a bag or camera hanging on your shoulder, hold the strap just in case, or better yet, remove it and wrap it around your wrist.

Do not hang on yourself gold, diamond and other expensive ornaments

In some countries, it is a motorcycle practice to rip handbags from passers-by: as a rule, a couple operates when the motorcycle is equal to a passer-by;

In Rio de Janeiro, cyclists do this, but as a rule they tear gold chains around the neck or earrings. And that’s why I recommend for personal safety on vacation not to show gold and diamonds – this is another reason to rob you and this applies not only to dashing Brazil, but also to calm Europe.

Night clubs and bars

As a rule, evening clubs are safe for visitors and vacationers, but there are taxis on the clubs in some countries that are not taxis.

Rather, these are private traders who, having assessed the degree of your intoxication, will try to rob you. Therefore, take only a licensed, legal taxi or ask that you be called by phone at the club.

Categories of dangerous people


I consider dangerous people who have no brakes and urine instead of a brain in their heads. I consider the most dangerous youngsters.

In Brazil, even local boxers are afraid of them. This is a chantrap 7-12 years old, who operate in flocks of 10-15 people. Some simply poke their victim and, using confusion, empty their pockets, but the most dangerous ones work on the gop-stop, that is, they stop you on a dark street or beach and threaten you with weapons and ask them to give them values.

If you find yourself in this situation, then you must silently and quickly fulfill their requirements. These scumbags are completely without brakes and enjoy indulgences of the criminal law.

What to do if you are on the street and see that youngsters are interested in you: you need to quickly go to the nearest institution – a cafe, a shop, a hairdresser and be in this room until the youngsters accept a new victim and disappear from your field of vision.

Drunk and people under drugs

If you meet, then try not to look them in the face and do not pay attention to them if they will contact you. There is no need to react to them at all, since your reaction will only provoke them. If they try to catch you by the hand or push you, just try to avoid this without sudden movements and silently. Speed ​​up your pace and try to get out in a crowded place.

Another safety principle is not to interfere in the fights of locals. You are a stranger and your intervention, even if it is committed with good intentions, will be regarded as an insult not only to the attackers, but also to the defending local resident. And it may also be that they beat him for the cause …

Here are tips to ensure safety on vacation of your own and the safety of your loved ones.

Always soberly assess the degree of risk in any situation. Take the opportunity to get a new experience, taste and tactile sensations, new acquaintances, but always know the measure of time and place